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Featured Stories

Thevi Jean Louis

Thevi is a 21 year old kid who is battling an aggressive form of AML.
He has been fighting for over 2 years now and nothing has worked.
Thevi has truly rekindled hope and is recovering his will and strength to push through.
Desperately they’ve looked for treatments that could HELP SAVE HIS LIFE!
In the search they found CAR-T cell therapy treatment in Texas which seems to be their last hope.


Camille is a ten year old girl who has leukemia. This little girl has so much love for snakes and reptiles. Camille’s biggest dream in life is to travel to Australia and save the reptiles. We had the opportunity to surprise her with a day with all types of reptiles and a tarantula! We also started her off with an Australia fund so we can make her dream come true! Thanks to the help of  John Chiorando for donating the flights to Austria to help make Camille’s dream come true.


Lily is a 8 year old girl battling a brain tumor for the past few years. Her dream in life is to be a princess. We surprised her with Princess Sarah Culberson, the princess of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Princess Sarah surprised her by picking her up at her house, surprising her with makeup artists to do her hair and makeup, and then took her to Disneyland for the surprise of her life.


Madison is a 23 year old young woman who has a rare form of brain cancer that only 400 people get diagnosed with a year. Recently, it has taken a turn for the worse. She no longer is able to speak and has to use an electric wheel chair to get around. Her loving family has done everything they can for her but they need the army of love to help! They don’t have a wheel chair accessible van and Madison has been stuck in house and has even missed important doctors meetings for her cancer because she can’t get around.


Addi is a 17 year old girl who was diagnosed with AML, a very aggressive cancer. On June 15, 2021 she received the terrible news that it was terminal. She is truly in the fight for her life but for a brief stint things were looking up. This all changed after getting some terrible news at the end of February where she was told she only has two months to live. She has beat all the odds so far and is still fighting for her life to this day.


Stacie has been going through cancer treatments for 2 years. She was diagnosed with metastatic triple negative breast cancer in her left lung in July 2022, after being in remission for about 6 months. Her former oncology team diagnosed her as terminally ill and said they could not do anything for her, other than give her chemotherapy to prolong her life short term.


Luna is the sweetest little 3 year old girl. Her life was turned upside down when her parents noticed the left side of her body had become weak. They rushed Luna to the doctors to discover that she has an inoperable tumor. After further tests they discovered it is Astrocytoma/Dmg Grade 4. They gave this poor baby a 1 percent chance to live. The family is struggling heavily to get by and pay for all of Luna’s treatments.

Lily Rose

Lily Rose is a 6 year old girl who is diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. She has been in the fight for her life. It all started off with consistent colds and heavy flu systems. She was then misdiagnosed multiple times until the family finally got the heart breaking news that she had stage 4 cancer. The family has barely been able to get by financially and truly needs a miracle to keep pushing through. We are on a mission to raise money to pay for her cancer treatments so she can focus on her healing. Please help us save this little girl’s life.


Noah is the sweetest 16 year old boy in the world, Noah was taking on high school head on thats all until he got diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on 2/3/2021 and his life changed forever. Ever since then he has been in the battle of his life. Things were looking up for Noah and he had beaten cancer, however, in May 2022 he got the horrible news the cancer was back worse than before and this led to him having to get his leg amputated. Noah has gone through so much and all we want to do is take some of the burden off so they can have a wonderful carefree Christmas as he keeps battling.

Donate now to the #mystoryisntoveryet cancer fund and let’s change lives together!

Featured Partner

The CEO of Q1 wireless, John Chiorando is helping us kickstart the my story isn’t over yet fund in honor of his daughter Nina who is currently battling breast cancer. In honor of Nina, please send prayers to her and all those battling cancer & donate to our fund today to help us change lives!
Nina’s story isn’t over yet #Ninastrong

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