Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The My story isn’t over yet fund is raising one million dollars to support the dreams of kids with cancer and financially support any treatment they need to save their lives. Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine Foundation is launching this fund with the hopes of mobilizing it’s millions of followers to truly save the families of those who are affected by cancer.

  • The #mystoryisntoveryet fund launched Monday, August 22nd at 5 PM Pacific Time with a public social media activation. Our goal is to have the funds raised by midnight by December 31, 2022. You will also have the opportunity in 2023 to donate to future funds that Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine Foundation created around some of the world’s biggest issues.

  • The money will be distributed by the Dream Machine Foundation, a certified non-profit 501c3 dedicated to making dreams come true, to the families in need. The Dream Machine Foundation will be distributing the money to families that have been affected by cancer.

  • Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine Foundation, which has made over 1,000 dreams come true for people in need using social media, is the creator of this fund. Charlie and the Dream Team of ten other dreamers have dedicated their lives to using social media to create the biggest community of philanthropists and dream chasers that has ever existed! The movement is all about making miracles happen for people in need while bringing awareness to some of humanity’s biggest problems, and inspiring people to bring their dreams, talents, and gifts to life to help make the world a better place.

  • We don’t want you to just be on the sidelines watching this fund grow… We want you to be an integral part of why it succeeds! Talk to a friend about it, tell your family, film a video, tag people on social media. If you want to go bigger with it, get your organization, school, or city involved and reach out to us to create your own fundraising goal as a group!
    It’s important in your communication to tell people why you care about this and explain to them the mission. Invite them to go donate to the fund at Also, to spread the word, once you donate, post a screenshot of your donation or of the fund and use the hashtag #mystoryisntoveryet. We want to see all of your photos, videos, and comments! Together, we can co-create one of the most meaningful social media philanthropic campaigns to ever exist. Our goal of raising millions of dollars to save lives is extremely doable, but only if we do it together!

  • The #mystoryisntoveryet fund official social posts will operate through our Instagram and Tik Tok pages. Both Charlie Rocket, the founder, and the Dream Machine pages will be used in this process.
    Charlie’s Instagram:
    Charlie’s Tik Tok:
    Dream Machine Instagram:

    Lastly, feel free to search the #mystoryisntoveryet hashtag on Instagram to engage with other amazing members of this community who are a part of this campaign! Together, let’s keep the dream alive!