82 Year Old Martha Menefield Was Arrested For Not Paying Her $77 Trash Bill. She Has A Dream Of Fixing Her Home. Lets Make Her Dream Come True

Miss Martha Menefield of Valley, Alabama needs our help!!!! Miss Martha 82, opened her door to two Alabama cops on November 27. The Valley Police Department officers were there to arrest her over an unpaid $77.80 water bill–warrant in hand.

Martha Menefield’s dream touched our hearts here at the Dream Machine Foundation. When we asked her what her dream is, she responded with, My dream is for my room not to flood when it rains. When she said this, it broke our hearts. Martha’s home in Valley Alabama has holes in her roof and walls. Her home is falling apart and she cannot afford any repairs. She loves her home and does not want to move. So we want to make Miss Martha’s dream come true! We are raising $100,000 so we can help her remodel her home. Her home doesnt have Air Conditioning so it is our goal to raise this $100,000 before the heat wave of the summer comes in central Alabama. Lets all come Together to help Miss Martha

A Message From Miss Martha:

Hi, My Name is Martha Menefield. I am the 82-year-old woman from Valley, AL who was handcuffed and threatened with jail due to an unpaid $77 trash bill. It has since been paid, but I have incurred expenses for my home and some vision issues and I can use some assistance. Thank God for all those who want to help and I appreciate you all. May God bless you.

100% of the funds donated from this campaign go directly to Miss Martha Menefield. The Dream Machine Foundation’s mission is to help people with their dreams and the foundation does not take any percentage of the funds raised.


This Fundraiser is Verified. The Dream Machine Foundation is working directly with Miss Martha Menefield. Our CFO, Langford Hutcherson Visited Miss Menefield personally along with our good friend Trae who has been helping Miss Menefield the past couple of months.

Miss Martha Needs Our Help! Lets raise $100,000 so Miss Martha can get her home fixed so that the rain doesnt come in thru the ceiling and the foundation. Summer Time is approaching and Miss Martha doesnt have the money to afford central heating and air. Lets come together to make her dream come true. 

Photo Above: Miss martha’s house is separating from the foundation. This is very costly to fix. Our goal is to raise $100,000 so she can live normally in her home without water flooding into her house. The water damage is very dangerous due to mold. Mold is life threatening. The summer rainy season is upon us and Miss Martha doesnt have air conditioning. Please dontate to help her as soon as possible.

Above: Miss Martha has to use duct tape to try to keep water from coming into her home.

Above: We came to visit miss martha with our good friend Trae The Truth. Trae has been working the past few months to help miss martha as well. We are calling on our entire community to come together. We are asking everyone to step up to help Miss Martha.

Miss Martha Is 82 years old and as a Dream! Lets raise $100,000 so she can experience her dream of her home being fixed!

Fundraising Goal: $100,000
100% Of Funds Raised Go Directly To Miss Martha Menefield

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