We Need You!
We Need You!

We Need Your Help Changing Lives Of 40 Kids!

Fundraiser Goal: $400,000

Collected so far:
$230,000 57.5%

Dream Machine's Mission

The Dream Machine Foundation’s mission is to fulfill the dreams of children battling cancer, disabilities, and rare diseases, inspired by our founder Charlie Rocket’s journey of overcoming a brain tumor to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a Nike athlete.

Charlie's Story


Charlie Rocket, our founder, initiated the foundation after his diagnosis, driven by his own dream realization and subsequent recovery from a brain tumor.


Charlie's childhood aspiration to become a Nike athlete fueled his determination to pursue his dream, even in the face of adversity.

Journey To Success

At 28, faced with mortality, Charlie embarked on his dream pursuit, ultimately becoming a Nike athlete and starring in a groundbreaking Nike commercial.

Commitment To Others

Charlie's transformative experience led him to dedicate his life to fulfilling the dreams of others, emphasizing the importance of realizing one's dreams in the finite time we have.

Current Initiatives

Waiting List

Presently, our foundation maintains a waitlist of 40 children with cancer, disabilities, and rare diseases, eagerly awaiting their dream fulfillment.

Financial Overview

It costs an average of $10,000 to make a dream come true, with our goal set at raising $400,000 to address the needs of these deserving children.

Transparency & Accountability

We prioritize transparency in fund allocation, ensuring donors witness firsthand the impact of their contributions and the lives they touch.

No Executive Compensation

Charlie Rocket emphasizes his voluntary commitment by forgoing any executive pay, reaffirming his dedication to the cause as a labor of love.

Lives You've Changed Through The Dream Machine Foundation

Fundraiser Goal: $400,000

Collected so far:
$230,000 57.5%

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We invite you not only to donate but to actively participate in our mission as a member of our compassionate community.

Make a Difference

Your involvement can transform lives. Stand with us to ensure these children receive the opportunities they deserve.

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Together, let's fulfill dreams and spread love. Your contribution can make all the difference in the world to these children in need. Be a part of the Dream Machine Foundation's journey today.