Do you want to improve yourself, change lives, and have a community to dream with?

The 30 day Chase the Dream Challenge is for those who are ready to become a greater version of themselves and have a greater impact on humanity.

What is the 30 day Chase the Dream Challenge?

This challenge isn’t for everyone though…
This is for the dreamers, the leaders, the change makers, and the people who know they have more to give to themselves and to others and are ready to reach their full potential in life.

For 30 days straight, you will complete these activities:

Join The Community!

These daily habits are designed to make you feel good, do good, and dream big!
We will also have a weekly zoom and group chat to give you extra inspiration and support on this challenge!
✓ Weekly Zooms
✓ Community Group Chat

What are we raising money for?

We all have a dream. Each and every one of us. Yet, many people get to the end of their life and never get to truly experience their dream coming true. The Dream Machine Foundation exists to make life-changing dreams come true for kids needing a miracle because they believe every kid deserves to experience their dream. By doing this challenge, you are making dreams come true for the next generation of dreamers.

Let’s change lives together!

The big goal of this is to get as many people as possible chasing their dreams and changing the world.There will even be rewards for the people who raise the most money!

Steps To Join

Here are 4 steps to join:


Hit the button below and put in your name, email and phone number


Join the group chat


Start your fundraising link


Start the challenge


Here is the rewards:

$333 Raised

Limited Edition Hoodie

$500 Raised

Chase the Dream Gift Box

$1000 Raised

Free Dream Machine Foundation Annual Gala Ticket

$2500 Raised

Dream Team Varsity Jacket

$5000 Raised

15 min zoom call with Charlie about your dreams

$10000 Raised

Join Charlie and team for a dream come true experience + shoutout on @Charlie social media

$20000 Raised

Hang your name on a banner in the dream factory

$50000 Raised

Free ticket to Dream Machine Annual Retreat

Start The Challenge Today!!