Help Aaron pay
for life saving treatment!

Aaron needs our help y’all!!!!! My friend Aaron was in a life threatening car accident recently after his car hydroplaned and wrapped round a tree during a bad storm 💔 He suffered collapsed lungs, a broken pelvis and broken ribs. He then had 2 brain haemorrhages 😣  Doctors said it was the worst they’ve ever seen. They didn’t know if he would wake up, have any brain activity, walk or see again. 

Aaron had a dream of being a baseball player. He was just a normal guy. Now he has just 1% chance to ever move the right side of his body again. He made some improvement and started talking and moving a little. Now he is in intensive rehab that costs $2k every day!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯

But Aaron has run out of money 💔 And unless we can help him, he may end up homeless after he gets out of rehab because he can’t even work for years to come!!! 

Army of love. We have to fight for Aaron!!!!! His life is at risk without this rehab! Let’s save his life and make sure he has a place to live 🙏🏻

Fundraising Goal: $30,000

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